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About Deborah

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Evelyn Ballin (The Heart Painter) with Deborah at her Book Launch Celebration

Delray Beach, FL  9/26/2018


Deborah with Gary Rosenberg & Carol Killman Rosenberg 

(The Book Couple) 9/26/2018


Deborah with Ken Burkhart at her Book Launch Celebration

Delray Beach, FL 9/26/2018

Deborah Paiva, BCC

Board Certified Health/Wellness Life Coach, Speaker & Author

Deborah inspires and supports others in moving through their most difficult life transitions, in a way that enables them to find peace and live their very best life! She believes that we each have the power within us to create our own healthy and joyful life. She has made it her life's work to inspire others to go deep and uncover that magical power within. Deborah is passionate about helping others heal the sadness, anger and fear that comes with major life losses and transitions. She helps her clients to find hope, peace, and even joy in their lives again. 

Deborah's Story:

Deborah grew up in New England and married her first love at 19. However, at the age of 22, she became a widow, when her husband died very suddenly. 

 A few years later, after a period of intense sadness and depression, she fell in love again and married once more. She began traveling the country as a professional vocalist, with her new husband as her accompanist. She later returned to college, earning her degrees in both Business Management and Life Coaching, while still continuing to perform music. 

However, through a series of unfortunate events their beautiful, long term marriage ended in divorce. 

Intense sadness overwhelmed her for the second time in her life and 3 years after her divorce she had a life altering event while driving home alone, after a dinner with friends. That experience changed her life path.

Deborah's awareness shifted and she became determined to heal her heartache and create even more purpose and joy in her life.

She began her true healing journey, at that point, eventually creating her own unique path to wellness which she calls The H-E-A-R-T Process. In 2018 she published this process in her book "HEAL YOUR HEARTACHE 5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life After a Breakup, Divorce, or the Loss of a Partner."

Deborah now lives a fulfilling and joyful life both in South Florida and New England where she continues to do personal coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements.  

She's worked with hundreds of clients, both men and women, over the past several years, both privately and in conjunction with numerous medical practices, and is committed to helping people to create healthier, happier lives for themselves.



*Board Certified Life Coach with a Specialty in Health/Wellness through the Center for Credentialing & Education

*Certified Wellness Coaching Specialist from the Institute for Life Coach Training

*Certified Holistic Manifestation Method Coach

*Certified Wellness Inventory Coach

*Certified FLT Lifestyle Educator

*Bachelor of Science in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics

*Bachelor of Science in Management Science from Bridgewater State University 


Deborah Paiva



"Deborah, Thank you for helping me recreate my life. You are truly an inspiration, and an excellent coach/speaker."


"Thank you, Deborah!

I really paid attention to you today and felt encouraged by your words!
It helped me to keep on my path.
I am challenged to maintain well being in the face of caregiving. It is far from a perfect science. But you always have to come back to being grateful, taking care of yourself and feeling good. That is my main goal -- to feel good! I really liked what you said about how being on the right path allows you to make good choices in the face of tough times. That motivated me today. Thanks for your help!"
Jen Miller

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