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Private & Group Coaching

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Life Coaching:​

Divorce / Relationships / Dating / Manifesting Love / Career / Forgiveness / Grief / Stress Management

In Life Coaching, Deborah partners with her clients to assist them through life transitions, including divorce, break-up, or the loss of a loved one, relationship issues, career changes, grief, life balance and stress management. She offers one on one coaching as well as group workshops with the focus always on the client and the clients own goals. She works with the client to help them find the motivation to achieve the goals they set, so they can create the life they envision.


Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching:

Healthy Eating / Pain Reduction / Fat Reduction  

In Heath & Wellness coaching, Deborah teaches and guides her clients to eat healthy, lower their cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce pain and inflammation, lose fat, increase energy, learn to meditate to live more mindfully, and so much more. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the past several years, both privately and in conjunction with numerous medical practices. She is committed to helping people to create healthier, happier lives for themselves.


Deborah also facilitates workshops and retreats on Healing Sadness & Anger after Divorce, Separation or Loss of a Loved One as well as on many Health & Wellness issues, including: Stress Management, Pain Reduction, Meditation, and much more.


"I cannot every say enough about the goodness of Deborah Paiva. As my life coach, she helped guide me through some difficult and complicated life phases by helping me see and process the truths and love that surround us. I have learned to trust the vision and intuition of universal energy she has shared with me. One of a kind person."

Mitch Phillips (Phillips Media, Inc.)

"Deborah Paiva is a fabulous coach. She works with you every step of the way!"

Marisa Brennan

"Deborah has the ability to coach in an easy to understand way. Within a short time I was able to have my "ah ha" moment and be able to work on improving my life. She is very attuned to her client's needs and very passionate about helping people."

Lori Reed

"Thanks for the encouragement Deborah! Doing so much better! I never thought I could feel this good. It's a blessing!" 

Jenny Miller

"Deb is a passionate health and wellness coach and has driven me to gain a better understanding of my overall health and well being. I would highly recommend her!"

Marty Jennings

"Deborah takes time to inform and educate in the most professional way. If you follow her lead you will be successful."

Ramona Young

"Deborah helped me when I lost my husband and my weight had ballooned up over 200 lbs. I was able to lose 55 lbs and with skills learned from Deborah I have kept it off for 3 & 1/2 yrs."

Judith Sams

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